About Jason Carlson

Jason began studying Angel communication and Energy Healing with Carol Lee in 2008. He thoroughly resonated with the work and chose to redirect his life towards a path of healing and greater spiritual understanding. After a few years of intense practice, he officially began offering Quantum-Touch® sessions in 2012 as a Certified Practitioner. In 2013, he and Carol Lee joined forces again, following their guidance to co-create the Holistic Fair in Ft. Worth which is a Mind, Body, Spirit event at Billy Bob’s Texas. He began teaching Quantum-Touch Level 1 and the Gathering of Angels workshops in 2017 and Quantum-Touch Level 2 in 2023. He is thrilled to be sharing this work with others to enhance their own lives and practices.

Jason follows his True Guidance and uses Quantum-Touch principals when offering spiritual healing sessions as he channels in higher guidance to expand his client’s consciousness. In these private sessions, his clients experience profound shifts, clearings, awakenings and greater empowerment.

Distant/remote sessions are available as well as outcalls including house/land clearing and pet sessions.


Jason Carlson
Spiritual Consultant
Energy Medicine Specialist
Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor
Gathering of Angels Instructor
Healing with Angels Practitioner
Co-Founder & Director, The Holistic Fair in Ft. Worth