About Jason Carlson

Jason is originally from Seattle, WA and ended up in North Texas as a child, when his father moved the family so he could attend the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX with the intention to become a pastor.

From that point, he was raised in the Southern Baptist religious tradition living in the bible belt. Jason says that he always had a strong personal connection to God and Jesus, even as a young person – not knowing anything different.

Growing up, the things he enjoyed most were reading, music and nature.

As a young person and young adult he experienced high levels of depression and anxiety and struggled for a period of time, attempting to adjust to adult life, life experiences and deciding who he was.

At the time of his 25th birthday, he was ready to make some deep decisions as he had come to some conclusions. The first was to “come out of the closet” as gay. It was life changing for him. That was followed by taking a break from the church and religion and looking for new ways to connect with the updated version of himself.

In his early 30’s Jason found the Unity Church in Ft. Worth, TX and resonated with the idea that evereyone is truly welcome and people’s diversity was actually celebrated. He loved the fact that the pastor read from different spiritual texts in church. What a HUGE change!

One day at the end of a Unity service, the pastor had folks announcing their events that were coming for the next week. One lady stood and said that she was giving the “Gathering of Angels” workshop on Sunday mornings over the next 6 weeks. Jason heard this and something awesome came over him. He had never heard of such a thing, in all of his years in churches. He made his way from the balcony all the way down to the front where this lady was and he told her, “I will be there!” He didn’t even know what he was signing up for but he certainly felt an overwhelming desire to be there and find out. The rest is history.

Jason began studying Angel communication and Energy Healing with “that lady” (Carol Lee) in 2008. He thoroughly resonated with the work and chose to redirect his life towards a path of healing and greater spiritual understanding. 2008 was a highly transformative time in his life as he also ventured into self-employment, starting a direct mail business.

In his studies, Jason was taught about what being a “highly senstive” or “empathic” person was and how to make different choices to live a healthy life. Learning about boundaries and how to say “no” changed his life in major ways.

After a few years of intense practice, he officially began offering Quantum-Touch® sessions in 2012 as a Certified Practitioner.

In 2013, he and Carol Lee joined forces in a new way, following their guidance to co-create the Holistic Fair in Ft. Worth which is a Holistic Health/Wellness/Spiritual event at Billy Bob’s Texas and is going strong to this day.

He was Carol Lee’s “assistant” for a few years and then they ended up working togther for years as business partners within Carol’s business, Healing Quantum-Lee.

His mentor, Carol Lee moved out of state around 2017 and that is when Jason stepped into an Instructor role as he was excited to share what he had learned with others in a more direct way.

He began teaching Quantum-Touch Level 1 and the Gathering of Angels workshops in 2017 and Quantum-Touch Level 2 in 2023.

Teaching classes, performing private sessions and public speaking excites him more than anything and he continues to learn more about healing and wellness to be the best version of himself that he can be.

He is thrilled to be sharing this work with others to enhance their own lives and practices.

Jason enjoys living a simple life (as much as possible), traveling and following his Angels along his life path with an open heart – wherever it may lead.

Jason Carlson
Spiritual Consultant
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Quantum-Touch Level 1 & 2 Instructor
Gathering of Angels Instructor
Healing with Angels Instructor
Co-Founder & Director, The Holistic Fair in Ft. Worth