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Vendor/Exhibitor Central

Our 2024 dates are: *7/14, 9/8 & 11/10

Important Registration Info:

*Our July 14th event will be located in the main Billy Bob’s venue (the Showroom) and we are be able to accept more vendors/exhibitors for that show. We will then return to 81 Club for September and moving forward.

Table space pricing for the July Fair only is $140 wall space, $120 aisle space & $80 “reader only” table. Use the regular registration form when applying to participate.

At this time, CBD products are not physically allowed at the Fair. Please contact me with any questions at

Blessings, Jason 6/5/24

New Participants: How to Submit Your Registration

  1. Click on the New Participant Application (rev. 12/2023). This is a fillable PDF – you can type directly in the form and save it to email or print it off and complete it manually. You must DOWNLOAD the form in order to type directly in it.
  2. Enter your payment preference and information on the form. You can include card information or request a PayPal invoice to be emailed to a provided email address.
  3. You will be sent an email with a brief questionnaire to complete and email back. If your registration request is accepted, your payment will be processed and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Spaces are not reserved until your payment is processed and you receive a confirmation.
  4. 4’x2′ Reader Only Tables are available (no product sales). These spaces are for those offering 1-1 consultations only. Our full 8′ table spaces are available throughout the venue and readers may select either option (4’x2′ reader only or 8′ elsewhere) depending on their preference and needs.
  5. Only one representative from a MLM company is accepted for each Fair event.
  6. Tables, chairs, electricity & free Wifi are all provided at no additional charge.
  7. Masks/shields/face coverings are optional, not mandatory in our venue at this time.

Returning Participants: How to Renew Your Registration

  1. If you have submitted the full registration application and participated in the past, you are in the system and do not need to complete that process again.
  2. Participants will be given a Returning Exhibitor Renewal Request form on the day of the Fair, and can turn that form in then to sign up for the next Fair.
  3. Returning participants are included in our “First Refusal” program which allows them to renew their previous space location before it is open to any other participants. The First Refusal period is active for the 2 weeks after each Fair event. First Refusal discounts are also available to returning participants if their payments are made within the specified time period. Some table spaces may not be available for first refusal renewal. 
  4. When you submit your renewal request, your payment will be processed and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Spaces are not reserved until your payment is processed and you receive a confirmation.
  5. Contact Jason Carlson if you need to pay over the phone, have a PayPal invoice sent your way or if you have any questions about signing up.

81 Club Venue Layout, Space Numbers & Table Sizes

Table sizes: Dimensions for 4’x2′ “reader only” tables : L: 4′, H: 2’5″, W: 2′. Dimensions for 6′ tables are L: 6′, H: 2’5″, W: 2′. Dimensions for 8′ tables are: L: 8′, H: 2’5″, W: 2′. If you need a deep space to set up a massage table or something else, indicate so on your registration form and it will be reserved for you if available.

Want to give a "Free Talk" presentation?

To inquire about an opportunity to give a Free Talk, email Jason at with your request.

Please include:

  • the title of your Talk
  • a brief description of your Talk
  • a brief bio for you
  • a head shot

The Green Room holds about 20 guests. There is not a projector, TV or screen provided in the Green Room. Feel free to create handouts or use signage if you think your presentation calls for it.

We will create advertising graphics for each speaker and give them a copy so they can be added to their website and/or social media. We will also be making daily posts about each Talk beginning 7 days before the event. 

The Free Talks take place in the Green Room, which is off of the main stage. Folks will enter through the door to the left of the stage (if you are facing the stage, it is on the left) and we will be making announcements on the microphone before each presentation.

Please visit our Free Talk web page to see examples and our current schedule.

Current Participant Agreement

View a current copy of your Participant Agreement. We ask that you stay familiar with the Holistic Fair guidelines. The Participant Agreement is updated as needed in an effort to maintain harmony between the Holistic Fair Staff, the venue, our Participants and our guests.

Marketing & Promotion

The Fair began in January of 2013 and we moved to our current event center at Billy Bob’s January of 2015. We have been steadily growing in our venue and area.

We promote the Fair using Facebook, Meetup, posting flyers in retail spaces with our sponsors, Constant Contact, the Holistic Fair website, word of mouth, and various other rotating online and print advertising.

Jason Carlson offers marketing materials through his business, Sigma Mailing Service. Services include graphic design, logo design, flyers, table top signs, vinyl banners, pens, business cards, postcards and most other promotional materials. Contact Jason directly for price quotes and product availability.

Ad space is also available in the Event Program and on this website for returning Vendors/Exhibitors in an effort to help you promote yourself and grow your business. We will create the initial design and run your Ad for $50.00 for one Fair event – then the renewal fee for the same Ad is $35.00 for future events. View a sample of our Event Program on the Holistic Fair Main Page. Contact Jason for pricing and space availability.

Refund Policy

Refunds are available 30 days before the event date. Table space reservations are non-tranferrable. (updated 2/2024).

Where to Submit Your Forms

Send all inquiries and completed forms to Jason using one of the following methods:

Jason Carlson, The Holistic Fair Director, 817-210-5999

Fax: 972-947-3959
Mail: Jason Carlson
PO Box 3758
Burleson, TX 76097
*send me an email letting me know that you mailed something to the PO Box.

Jason Carlson’s Sigma

Graphics • Print • Mailing • Promo