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11/13 Free Talks

Join a unique group of our exhibitors as they share their wisdom and insights as leaders in their fields. Learn more about what our group of speakers are offering at the Fair as they share with you during a 30 minute presentation. This month, these talks will be held inside the venue in the Green Room. Read descriptions of each presentation below.

Enter the Green Room via the stage. Seating is limited. Free admission to each presentation unless otherwise noted.

12:40pm – 1:10 pm

“Group Healing & Manifestation with our Angels” w/ Jason Carlson

About Jason: Jason is a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor, Gathering of Angels Instructor and the Director & Co-Founder of the Holistic Fair. As a Practitioner of Healing, his heart’s desire is to lovingly assist others along their own path and growth processes with empowerment.

Description: Jason will invoke the Guardian Angel of each person present at this presentation, followed by a group healing & manifestation session.

Visit Jason’s Website

1:20pm – 1:50 pm

“Shamanic 9 Directions + Sacred Circle” w/ Aiylah Lisa Valkyrie

About Aiylah Lisa: E-RYT 500, Reiki Master, Angelic Channel for Isis and the Divine Feminine.  Her motivation is to remain a clear and pure channel of Light for the Angelic, Goddess Isis and the Divine Feminine/Masculine energies of Sofia/Christ consciousness.

Her ‘why’ is to empower women to find their passion, purpose and potential in the world, so that they may live a life of vitality, time and financial freedom, adventure, joy and magick. Ordained Minister, Medicine Woman. Yoga 4 Love Online Training Programs, Inner Goddess Retreats non-profit, Temple of the Sacred Heart Church. Instagram: yoga4lovelisa

Description: In this short interactive opening circle we call in the 9 directions and share a bit about the Indigenous teachings of the tradition of calling in the directions. Let’s send a huge shout out for all the Creature Beings on Turtle Island, honor our ancestors and lineage, as well as invite in our Angelic and Galactic Families!

Aiylah Lisa’s Website

2:00pm – 2:30 pm

“Shadow Work: What it is & Why it is Important” w/ Tina Todaro

About Tina: Tina has been a Tarot Reader for 20 years, a Reiki Master Practitioner for 10, and a teacher of Tarot as well. Her purpose is to help others connect with their spiritual path, and grow from each other like we were meant to. Now part of the Sacred Journey Experience team endeavor, she hopes that this will be one more beacon of light for people to share kindness and love. 

Description: Everyone is talking about the importance of doing shadow work, recommending shadow work for healing, but not everyone knows how to explain what your shadow is; what is the aim of it? Why is it necessary? How does it heal? Those are the questions we’ll be tackling, and even some of the ways we can work with our shadow.

Visit Tina’s Website

2:40pm – 3:10 pm

“Group Healing Meditation” w/ Rhonda Lightfoot Murphy

About Rhonda: Rhonda is a powerful healer as she connects with and channels Source Energy. This All Encompassing LOVE Energy can help you with all aspects of your life; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and so much more. 

Description: In this group setting Rhonda will give powerful healing energy to all. Each participant will receive the healing they are ready to receive. Wellness Medicine for Health and Healing.

Visit Rhonda’s Facebook Page

3:20pm – 3:50 pm

Tips & Techniques for Connecting with your Animal Family” w/ Mary Helen Schmidt

About Mary Helen: Mary Helen has been an animal communicator for about 15 years and she is also a Shamanic and Quantum-Touch practitioner. Her purpose is to help us have a deeper understanding that our animals are aware physically, emotionally and spiritually. Mary Helen teaches animal communication where those concepts are revealed in a much deeper way. 

Description: In this talk Mary Helen will give a short meditation and tips on connecting you with your animal family.

Visit Mary Helen’s Website

4:00pm – 4:30 pm

“Become the Hero of Your Healing Journey” w/ JeanAnn St Grace

About JeanAnn: JeanAnn is a Medium who uses her channel to help people gain understanding of their life’s journey and to see the possibilities that lie before them.  In her healing practice she uses modalities, such as Soul Contract, Human Design, Reiki, and Divine Healing, to help people become conscious and engaged, aligning their Mind, Body and Soul to build the Heaven on Earth we all desire and deserve. JeanAnn lives in Texas, but with the gift of Zoom, she works with clients across the United States and the World.  

Description: In this talk, JeanAnn will share her perspective of how our individual Healing Journey is a Personal Hero’s Journey. She will also facilitate a guided visualization for shifting our consciousness from our minds to our hearts, reawakening the connection with the deeper knowingness and wisdom in our hearts.  

Visit JeanAnn’s Website