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5/19 Vendor & Exhibitor Participants

Jason Carlson Ascension

(Jason Carlson)

Offering Angel Consultations, Quantum-Touch Energetic Sessions and workshop information. Jason is a Quantum-Touch Level 1 & 2 Instructor, Gathering of Angels Instructor & the Co-Founder and Director of The Holistic Fair.

Dolphin Angel Wings Whispering Voices

(Dr. Sarai Susanna Joy PhD, D.Min.)

Soul-2-Soul Seer – Your Soul Messages. Spirit Medium & Healer. Psychometry Astro-Numerology, Pet Communication, Intuitive Health Wellness Scan, Connecting with Angels, Guides or Departed Spirit People & Pets. Past Lives.

The Fort Worth Stock Yard Psychic (Sandy Winnette)

At this time, Sandy is offering Psychic, Tarot, Mediumship & UFO Readings over the phone, not at the Fair on Fair day. She can be reached at 817-372-2084 or

North Tarrant Holistic Fair – next date 6/9!

The North Tarrant Holistic Fair is a bi-monthly event in Southlake, TX. There are intuitive consultants, energy healers, handmade jewelry, custom blends of teas, essential oils, CBD products, herbal baths and soaps, an astrologist, a hypnotist, aura photos, and LOTS of natural crystals and stones incorporated into jewelry, spiritual and metaphysical tools, not to mention their use to enhance and beautify your space and energy!

Helen Watson

Tarot Card Readings, Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui & Healing.

Evolve Chiropractic (Dr. Jason Dixon, DC)

Chiropractic Consultations, Spinal Screenings, Manual Muscle Testing & Offering Education to those interested in a unique approach in Chiropractic known as NetworkSpinal.

Sacred Spaces by Patricia (Rev. Patricia LaDale Lane)

Readings and Chair Reiki.

BluZen Transformations & Lavender Luminosity (Erika Yentes & Tatum Hunter)

Reiki Sessions with Guided Meditation & Tuning Forks.

Hersheys Holistic Herbs (Ebony Sylvester)

Bath, Body & Hair Products only using Natural Herbs & Oils.

Marconics (Sabayo Matiku)

Marconics Ascension Energy is heralded by Spirit as: ‘The Vehicle of Ascension’; RECALIBRATING the Holographic Body Templates in preparation for 5D & 7D.

Full-spectrum Marconics Frequencies are drawn down from the Infrared System of the Cosmos to UPGRADE the Ascending Human vehicle to thrive in increasingly higher dimensions. Marconics Ascension Energy Protocols facilitate the rapid shedding of karmic debris; for spontaneous healing, to raise vibration, access newly available encodements, transmute miasma from the DNA, activate higher levels of dormant Spiritual DNA, and harmonize the Shadow-Self with Spirit, for connection to dimensionalized Source fields.

Active Healing (Alice Sakal)

Ashiatsu Thai Massage.

Allotrope Wellness (Barbara Diamond)

Handcrafted Cold Process Soaps, Artisan Skincare Products, Bath Salts, Scrubs, Beeswax Candles Scented with Essential Oils.

Artio Artisanals (Bear & Wendy Griffin)

Crystals & Stones, Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Spiritual & Ceremonial Tools, Incense & Smudges, Essential Oils, Crocheted Accessories & other Metaphysical Items.

Awakened Collections (Brandy Alexander & Kori Dixon)

Somatic Healing, Integration Coaching, Energy Infused Jewelry, Crystals, Diadems & Intuitive Tarot Readings, Ohana Kava.

Barbara Gale, Divine Purpose Mentor

Readings including Palmistry, Life Purpose & Ascension Guides.

Bead Guru (Maureen Bergschneid)

Finished Beadwork Jewelry woven into Wearable works of Art – Embellished with Crystals, Charms, Glass & Beads.

Bewitching Spirit (Athena Miller)

Hand Sculpted Crystal Trees.

BexKraft (Rebecca Coglas)

Hand Crafted Sun Chimes from Quartz Crystals, Chandelier Crystals, Semi Precious Gemstones & Glass Beads. Hand Made Silver Bells from Vintage Silverware, Leather Hippi Sax & Stained Glass Mosaics.

BigTree (Greg ONeal)

Wood Book of Shadows & other Hand Crafted Items. FB: bigtree.969483

Body, Mind, Soul & Life Healing (Svetlana Parilova)

Channeler, Healer, Medium, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Teacher. Offering Messages from the Creator; Physical, Emotional, Psychological Healing: Illnesses, Genetic Disorders, Fears, Traumas, Addictions, Depression, etc. Personal/Professional Problem Resolution, Body Scan, Chakra Clearing.

By the Moonlight (Keirsten Zamorano)

Tarot Readings.

Celestine Therapy (Ruth Bucher)

BodyWork Modality: TRAGER(TM) Mind-Body Integration Therapy, Hands-on try-out sessions.

Chubby Green Witchery (Casey Curatolo)

Hand Crafted Spell Necklaces, Pouches & Bottles, Hand Made Resin Art Pieces. Facebook: Chubby Green Witchery, IG: ChubbyGreenWitchery

Connect and Heal Now (Ashley Tadlock RN)

Advanced Pranic Crystal Healer (Pranic: Feng Shui, Psychotherapy, Face Lift & Body Sculpt, Cellular), Emotion Code Clearing, Access Consciousness BARS, Soul Level Animal Communicator, Animal Healing, Psychic & Medium Readings, Health & Wellness & Spiritual Coaching.

Donna Tonasket Intuitive

Tarot readings.

E Ho’omana (Keola & Tamara Conner)

Hawaiian Products, HGH Quality Bracelets, Pendalums, Oracle Cards.

Empowered Joy LLC (Sherry Coffman)

Higher-Self readings, Medical Intuitive readings, Theta Healing, Reiki, Aroma Freedom Technique (mulit-step process with essential oils to release the emotional sting around troubling situations). Book sales: “Season by Season, Authentically You – A Journey into Self-Discovery & Transformation“.

Flecha Creations & Treasures (Arlinda Fontanez)

Crystals, Paintings, Jewelry, Tumblers, Fresh Water Pearls, Art & Accessories.

Free Your Mind & Body Wellness (Phil Thorne)

Vibroacoustic Therapy (Frequency & Vibration Bed Sessions).

Golden Light and Love (Mary Delano Otis)

DNA Activations, Quantum Healing, Aura Chakra Imaging, Balancing Products.

Good Wellness USA (Greg Good)

Vibranz frequency healing products including red, green, and violet laser light frequency pens emitting human blueprint frequencies. The Vibranz frequency pendants provide 24/7 healing frequencies as well as the Vibranz topical skin products. We also distribute Quantum Tech USA nano crystal energy products providing the body with negative ions that balances the energy fields and chakras of the body. The nanocrystals of germanium, tourmaline and carbon titanium are infused into our necklaces, bracelets, back brace, knee, elbow, ankle sleeves, tourmaline socks, and emf cell phone protection cards.

Green Witch’s Brew (Charlie Hilliard)

Organic Loose Leaf Tea & Infused Honey.

Hall of Records Readings (Jennifer Anderson)

Hall of Records Readings.

Harmony Glow (Adrianne Santos)

Hand Made Candles, Oils, Jewelry, Incense, Reiki, Sound Bathing Practice. IG: HarmonysGlow

Highest Love (Felicity Merkel)

Jewelry, Accessories, Home Decor, Channelled Readings.

Indigo Qi LLC (Shawna Williams) 

Chakra Balancing using a standing Singing Bowl.

Intuitive Readings by Hannah’s Hands & Cards (Hannah Setu)

Hand, Face & Intuitive Readings.

Inborn Essence LLC (Alysia Anderson)

Wholesome Natural Spiritual Herbal Tea Blends & Herbal Glycerites.

Its My Nature (Mary Helen Schmidt)

Animal Communication Instructor & Practitioner, Medium, Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner.

JeanAnn SaintGrace

Mini Soul Contract Readings, Lightworker Mission Readings, Oracle Card Readings, Spiritual Superpower Readings, Basic Human Design Readings.

Labradorite Love (Sonia McCraney)

Reiki Sessions, Chakra Alignments, Card Readings, Handmade Stone Jewelry.

Made on the Brazos (Deborah Adams)

Hand Crafted Jewelry.

Moon Dance Designs (Nikkita Martino)

Wire Wrapped Crystal Jewelry & Pagan/Metaphysical inspired Resin Artwork & Accessories.

Moonlight REMEDIES (Lital Meloul)

Essential Oil Rollers, Energy Cleansing Sprays, Crystal Necklaces & Bracelets, Loose Crystals, Herbal Mixtures.

Mystical Lunar Tarot (Linh Vu)

Intuitive Readings including Charm Casting, Tarot & Oracle.

No Limit LOCS with Kina, LLC  (Sakina George)

Hair & Body Oils, Butters, Sprays, Sea Moss Gel, Manifestation & Tea Candles, Bath Salts & Scrubs.

OKAS Designs (Kristin Quintanilla)

Wire Wrapped Jewelry, Crowns, Sculptures & Crystals.

Path to My Soul (Pavla Haluskova)

Prints of Paintings, Hand-made Pot Holders & Mala Beads, Resonant Energy Healing Sessions (Reiki, Theta and Resonant Intuitive Healing), Process Work Sessions. (Mari Weldon)

Clairvoyant Professional Artist/Psychic Medium offering Sketches of all the Souls gathered around the Readee & relaying their messages. The Sketches are yours to keep!

Quartz Source/Aura Photos (Wayne & Tracy Darling)

Crystals, Stones, Jewelry and Aura Photography.

RaqsYogini (Tatiana Heimburger-Boza)

Readings: Traditional Tarot readings, Transgenerational Therapeutic Tarot readings, Lenormand readings, Connection with Ancestors & Past Lives. Products: Energy Clearing Bath Salts, Smudging Kits w/ Instructions, Crafted Oils, Self-Care Kits for Energy Healers & Energy Workers. &

Rico’s Bio Energy (Harry Reeves)

Energetic Holistic Healing Bands.

Rising Sun Studios (Lillith Blackmoon)

Readings: Akashic Records, Tarot, Oracle, Energy Clearing, Mediumship, Past Lives.

Rooted Crystals (Karina Amaya)

Crystals, Fossils, Handmade Jewelry, Palo Santo, Sage & Singing Bowls.

Sacred Journey (Deanna Baza & Tina Todaro)

Products: Energy Change Healing Candles, Crystal Jewelry, Lanterns, Spiritual Books, Journals, Oracle Cards, Tarot Decks, Loose Crystal. Services: Guidance/Card Readings, Akashic Records, Ti Chi, Past Life Regression, E’Ohomana, Reiki.

Shamanic Enterprises (Charles Crooks)

Emotional Trauma Removal (Permanent) Invisable Needle Accupressure. Fiber Alignment, General Healing Work including Readings if required.

Shannonigans Wellness (Shannon Roussy-Sanchez, MPH, CHES)

Promoting Holistic Health Education & Coaching Services and different Classes & Workshops.

Sherry Canfield

Bars Sessions (Access Consciousness), Tuning Forks, Energy Work.

SkyHighBliss (Sky)

Fine Art & Prints, All Original Artwork by Sky – Celebrations of Mother Nature, to Inspire & Uplift.

Sole Sister (Dinah Sherrill)

Reflexology Hand & Foot Massage.

Soultopia (Roger Welch)

Metaphysical Items, Hand Made Jewelry & Spiritual Items, Crystals.

Stellar Dust Healing (Stela Sharp)

Stela is a Level 2 QHHT Practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s Method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). Her desire is to spread awareness and knowledge of this incredibly powerful and healing modality. She will have Dolores’s books on display and information about QHHT.

The AstroTarot Cowgirl (Kris Gray)

Astrology, Tarot, Psychic Medium.

The Highest Path (Elise Adam)

Spiritual Intuitive Tarot, Sacred Be-ing Smudge Fans, Home Clearing Products & Custom Altars. Facebook: Elise Adam, IG: elise_adam_1111

The GreenMan Studios (Arthur Graye & Eloy Machuca)

Offering different Handmade Products including Handmade Prayer Beads, Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendants, Handmade Soaps & Bracelets, Basic Metaphysical Supplies & Aromatherapy Sprays.

The Lehman Sisters LLC (Madam Gwendolyn)

Tarot Readings.

The Sacred Crystal Key (Rhonda Gannon)

The Sacred Crystal Key enters our community as a radiant force, infusing love and passion into the collective consciousness. With their exquisite crystals, in a diverse selection of tumbles and other various forms, they offer a gateway to higher vibrations and expanded awareness. Each crystal holds the power to elevate our spirits, harmonize our energies, and unite us in a shared journey of healing and growth. Explore the wonders of The Sacred Crystal Key and let their offerings guide you towards a more enlightened and connected existence.  Facebook: The Sacred Crystal Key

The Nature Gypsy (Erin Deel)

Readings, Chair Based Energy Healing, Plasma Based Healing Devices including Patches, Wands & More.

True North Transformations (Theresa Lease)

Hands on Healing Sessions.

Trust-N-Thanks LLC (Erik Everett)

Chemical Free/Drug Free Patches that Improve your Quality of Life.

Twisted Candle Company (Robert Del Quadro)

Hand Crafted Parasoy & Beeswax Candles including: Skulls, 3rd Eye Cats, Owls, Male/Female Ritual, Santa Muerte, Day of the Dead Skulls & similar styles.

Underworld Oracle (Shelby Echols)

Tarot, Oracle & Charm Readings.

Visionary Workshop LLC (John Cappello)

Aura Photos, Chakra Photos, Books & Psychic Readings.

Winter Willow Crafts (Jennifer McElreath)

Epoxy Tumblers, Canvas Bags, Divination Boards, Wreaths, Sun Catchers, Jewelry, Eclectic Décor.

ZenTala (Stacey Smith)

Reiki Treatments, Healing Crystal Jewelry, Handmade Malas, Crystals, Incense.

And more to be added!