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5/21 Vendor & Exhibitor Participants

Jason Carlson Ascension

(Jason Carlson)

Offering Angel Consultations & Quantum-Touch Energetic Sessions. Jason is a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor, Gathering of Angels Instructor & the Co-Founder and Director of The Holistic Fair.

Dolphin Angel Wings Whispering Voices

(Dr. Sarai Susanna Joy PhD, D.Min.)

Soul-2-Soul Seer – Your Soul Messages. Spirit Medium & Healer. Psychometry Astro-Numerology, Pet Communication, Intuitive Health Wellness Scan, Connecting with Angels, Guides or Departed Spirit People & Pets. Past Lives.

Wholistic Intervention Center of Ma’at, LLC (Skt Perenmaat)

Zyto Scan Health Assessment, Chair Reiki, AO Health Assessment, Emotional Voice Assessment, Iridology.

Twisted Candle Company (Robert Del Quadro)

Hand Crafted Parasoy & Beeswax Candles including: Skulls, 3rd Eye Cats, Owls, Male/Female Ritual, Santa Muerte, Day of the Dead Skulls & similar styles.

FreeForm Chiropractic West 7th (Dr. Dustin Worthington)

Computerized Spinal Nerve Screenings, General Chiropractic Education.

Ft. Worth Stockyard Psychic (Sandy Winnette)

Sandy is offering Psychic, Tarot, Mediumship & UFO Readings.

North Tarrant Holistic Fair – next date 6/11/23!

The North Tarrant Holistic Fair is located in Southlake, TX with event dates every other month. Visit the NTHF website for full details!

The Crystal Source

The Crystal Source Metaphysical Shop is located in Hurst, Texas.

Celestine Therapy (Ruth Bucher)

BodyWork Modality: TRAGER(TM) Mind-Body Integration Therapy, Hands-on try-out sessions.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy (Hannah Setu)

Massage and Reiki.

Alisha AE Soul Obsessed (Alisha Anguiano-Espinoza)

Guiding People to Live Deep, Soul Connected, Heart Centered Lives though Workshops & 1:1 Guidance. Offering Tools for Self-Discovery such as Books, Workbooks & Card Decks, and Promoting Workshops & 1 on 1 Guidance.

Rhonda Lightfoot Energy Healer (Rhonda Lightfoot Murphy)

Energy Healing Sessions using Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki, Shamanic Reiki & Sekhem Healing. FB: SacredSpaceMeditationPlace IG: LightfootEnergyHealing

Rooted Crystals (Karina Amaya)

Crystals, Fossils, Handmade Jewelry, Palo Santo, Sage & Singing Bowls.

Teresa Tobar

Spiritual Healing, Channeling, Spiritual Tarot.

It’s My Nature (Mary Helen Schmidt)

Animal Communicator, Medium.

Golden Light and Love (Mary Delano Otis)

DNA Activations, Quantum Healing, Aura Chakra Imaging, Balancing Products.

Merciful Healing (Mercy Calderon)

Holy Fire Reiki Sessions, Singing Bowls, Candles, Jewelry, Sprays & Crystals.

Allotrope Wellness (Barbara Diamond)

Handcrafted Cold Process Soaps, Artisan Skincare Products, Bath Salts, Scrubs, Beeswax Candles Scented with Essential Oils.

Oil Essentials by Mimi (Maria Salinas Gallemore)

Offering Free Samples of Essential Oils, Oil Blends, Make & Take Oil Rollers.

Green Witch’s Brew (Charlie Hilliard)

Organic Loose Leaf Tea & Infused Honey.

Winter Willow Crafts (Jennifer McElreath)

Epoxy Tumblers, Canvas Bags, Divination Boards, Wreaths, Sun Catchers, Jewelry, Eclectic Décor.

The Nature Gypsy (Erin Deel)

Readings, Chair Based Energy Healing, Plasma Based Healing Devices including Patches, Wands & More.

The Highest Path (Elise Adam)

Spiritual Intuitive Tarot, Sacred Be-ing Smudge Fans, Home Clearing Products & Custom Altars.

JeanAnn SaintGrace

Mini Soul Contract Readings, Lightworker Mission Readings, Oracle Card Readings, Spiritual Superpower Readings, Basic Human Design Readings.

Michelle Henderson Medium (Michelle Henderson)

Medium & Psychic Readings, Spiritual Art.

Rising Sun Studios (Lillith Blackmoon)

Readings: Akashic Records, Tarot, Oracle, Energy Clearing, Mediumship, Past Lives.

Dreams to Keep (Percy Arrant, DJ Willey & Sawyer Nunez)

Katie M Palmer, FDN-P (Katie Palmer)

Live Blood Analysis.

Angels Ascending & Healing  (Christine Hocker)

Oracle Readings, Mediumship, Transhealing & Light Language Healing.

Sacred Places of Enchantment (Theresa Robinson)

Energy Infused Crystal Quartz Healing Products, Crystals & Jewelry.

Energy Healing Seminars (Andrew M. Williams)

Andrew will give Chakra Scans containing much information, along with a printed Interpretation of techniques used and healing recommendations. 

Information on his innovative and timely Spiritual Energy Healing practice and upcoming workshops and School of Spiritual Energy Healing will be available in person. He will  answer questions both general and personal – all on a donation basis.

Lasting Intentions (Amanda Reid)

Bath Teas, Scented Sachets, Simmer Pots, Travel Altars, Candles, Wax Melts, Spell Jars, Necklaces, Keychains, Earrings, Vinyl Stickers.

Free Spirit Kreations (Kari & Lynae Martin)

Metaphysical Crystals & Gemstones in Incense Holders, Skulls, Jewelry, Pyramids & Candle Holders, Artwork.

The Sacred Crystal Key (Rhonda Gannon)

Ethically Sourced Crystals including Tumbles, Towers, Clusters, Lamps, Jewelry, Specimans & some in Raw form. Facebook: The Sacred Crystal Key

Luminous Mind and Body (Jaime Parker)

Free 20 minute Harmonic Light Therapy Sessions.

Labradorite Love (Sonia McCraney)

Reiki Sessions, Chakra Alignments, Card Readings, Handmade Stone Jewelry.

Connect and Heal Now (Ashley Tadlock RN)

Advanced Pranic Crystal Healer (Pranic: Feng Shui, Psychotherapy, Face Lift & Body Sculpt, Cellular), Emotion Code Clearing, Access Consciousness BARS, Soul Level Animal Communicator, Animal Healing, Psychic & Medium Readings, Health & Wellness & Spiritual Coaching.

Sound Healing by Jay (Jay Dosher)

Sound Healing Sessions & One of a Kind Hand Made Jewelry.

Bead Guru (Maureen Bergschneid)

Finished Beadwork Jewelry woven into Wearable works of Art – Embellished with Crystals, Charms, Glass & Beads.

Young Living Essential Oils (Michelle Gerdes)

Young Living Essential Oils & Health Products, T Shirts & Crystals.

Visionary Workshop LLC (John Cappello)

Aura Photos, Chakra Photos, Books & Psychic Readings.

No Limit LOCS with Kina, LLC (Sakina George)

Hair & Body Oils, Butters, Sprays, Sea Moss Gel, Manifestation & Tea Candles, Bath Salts & Scrubs.

Sandra Lee Arts (Sandra Lee)

Art, Prints, Home Décor, Wall Art, Original Acrylic Jewelry, Photography, Raw Crystals.

Abilene Intuitive Healer By Juliet

Tarot, Palmistry, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Angel Communication, Intuitive Readings, Sample Meditations & Healings, Items including Crystals, Healing Stones & Essential Oils.

Healing YOUR Life (Nicole Brooks)

Pendulum & Tarot Readings, Chair Massage, Reiki Sessions + Bundle Packages.

Awakened Collections (Brandy Alexander & Kori Dixon)

Somatic Healing, Integration Coaching, Energy Infused Jewelry, Crystals, Diadems & Intuitive Tarot Readings.

HAM National Broker (Hedy March)

Ladies clothing, Jewelry and Accessories.

And more to be added!